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Welcome To American Eyecare

Your optometrists at American Eyecare are committed to providing you with the best, most technologically advanced eyecare services available. We specialize in treating glaucoma, dry eye syndrome, and eye trauma, as well as having a pediatric eye clinic, and a low vision clinic. Our staff is highly trained, and we work with you to make sure you maximize your insurance benefits. We understand that vision and eye health are essential, and great looking eyewear is indispensable. To make sure you look your best, we have a diverse selection of stylish frames for every family member, as well as all the latest contact lenses. Visit one of our four convenient locations and experience the warmth and expertise of our eye doctors and staff.

Dr. Carabello Answers Your Eye Care Questions

At what age should my child have his/her eyes examined?

Eye exams for children should start between 6mos-1 year old. There is a nation-wide program called InfantSee ( where participating providers offer a FREE eye exam to children in this age group to make sure the eyes are developing properly. If there are no issues detected, an exam at 3 and 5 years old is sufficient to make sure the eyes are still developing properly for preschool and kindergarten. Since babies & toddlers have no way of knowing if what they see is “normal” and “clear” or not, having a comprehensive eye exam is the best way to ensure their eyes and vision is developing properly. Any ocular issues are best addressed sooner rather than later because 80% of learning takes place through vision in kids!

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Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

American Eyecare raised $600 for breast cancer research

Jordan, Dr. Rhul, and Jamie Short

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